About Škofja Loka

The town of Škofja Loka is one of the finest preserved medieval towns in Slovenia. The old town centre resembles an outdoor museum, albeit a real living, working one.

The surrounding towns, villages and countryside of the Poljane and Selca valleys are crammed with wonderful nature, cultural and historical sights of interest, high-lying farms, and abundant opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

The name Škofja Loka, meaning Bishops Meadow, originates from the time when Roman Emperor Oto gifted land along the Poljane Sora and Selca Sora rivers to the Bavarian Bishops of Freising.

In addition to the magnificent old town of Škofja Loka with its mighty castle and museum – one of the most popular of its kind in Slovenia – don’t miss the Poljane valley featuring Gorenja vas, Poljane and Žiri, and the Selca valley featuring Železniki.

The Škofja Loka Passion Play, the first Slovene dramatic text originated in the Škofja Loka area. In 2016 the play, which features around 600 volunteers and 80 horsemen, was included in the list of UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The next Passion Play will be staged in 2021.

The area is a paradise for lovers of the great outdoors; go skiing at Stari vrh or Soriška planina, cycle part of the 390-km Loka Cycle Route, hike to peaks such as Blegoš or Ratitovec or go for more gentle strolls on one of the many theme paths, go fishing in the Sora river – all this and more!

Find out more on the official Visit Škofja Loka websitehttp://www.visitskofjaloka.si/en/ and keep reading and following my blog for plenty more in-depth posts about the Škofja Loka area.