Visit Žirovnica

The village of Žirovnica and its smaller settlements and hamlets including Moste, Breznica, Zabreznica, Rodine and Vrba, lies in the northwest of Slovenia, in the Gorenjska region – just 5kms from world-renowned Bled, 22kms from Kranjska Gora and 35km from Slovenia’s main airport.

Though not so well known among visitors to Slovenia, pretty much every Slovene knows, and has probably been to, Žirovnica, specifically to Vrba, to visit the birthhouse of one of Slovenia’s most famous men and greatest poet, France Prešeren (1800-1849). The area was also home to several other notable literates, whose birth houses you can visit as part of the Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage.

Žirovnica has a wealth of natural and cultural attractions, about which I will be endeavouring to write as much as possible in my regular blog posts.

Žirovnica has a strong tradition of beekeeping, and Breznica was home to the pioneer of modern apiculture, Anton Janša (1734-1773).

Thus, the area will also be very much in the spotlight in 2018 when, for the first time, World Bee Day will be celebrated on 20th May, which was Anton Janša’s birthday. Expect grand celebrations and world acclaim – all of which I will, of course, be blogging about, too!

Below you can find links to all the blogs I have written (so far!) about the Žirovnica area, and you can find more information on the Visit Zirovnica website.

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