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Hiking and Active Holidays in Slovenia: Hut-to-Hut Routes, Reservations, etc.

I’ve been receiving a significant number of enquiries from people looking for assistance with their plans for hiking and active holidays in Slovenia.

Whilst some just want some ideas and advice, others need help with booking mountain huts, transfer or storage of luggage, finding and hiring a guide, and other such insider tips, information and advice.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of enquiries, I am unable to respond to individual enquiries for advice only. Therefore, for general advice please contact the official Slovenian agency Hiking and Biking Slovenia – https://www.slovenia-outdoor.com/

However, for those genuinely interested in assistance with planning hikes in the Julian Alps or the Karavanke range – hut-to-hut routes, booking mountain huts, guides, etc. – I am able to offer a number of flexible and very affordable packages for those seeking assistance with their visit to Slovenia.

I should add that I’m not a guide per-se, i.e. I don’t have an official guiding licence. What I do have, however, is over 10 years’ experience of living in Slovenia, during which time I’ve spent more than my fair share of time hiking, cycling and running around half of the Gorenjska region! And, of course, through my blog, I have also seen, eaten, and experienced, a whole lot more.

Note – any advice or assistance I offer is entirely impartial. I don’t receive any kind of commission (though a fine thing it would be!) or other compensation for the time and effort I spend replying to the numerous queries I receive via e-mail, Facebook, Messenger, Tripadvisor ….

I simply love being outdoors in Slovenia’s forests, hills and mountains. However, I do also have to try and make a living and whilst Slovenia is a wonderful place to visit on holiday, I do have taxes and social security payments to make – so, every little helps!

If you are considering Slovenia for your next holiday, love the great outdoors, and would like to spend some time hiking in the Julian Alps or the Karavanke range, get in touch and let me help you put together an itinerary, leaving you with just the anticipation of a great trip and to count down the days until you arrive!

You can contact me via Facebook, Messenger or complete the form below.