Visit Tržič

Below you can find all the blogs I have written, to date, about Tržič, including where to hike, what and what to eat, and what else to see and do in the area.

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Hike Tržič: Košutica (Ljubeljska baba) – Two Countries, One Great Hike –

Taborniški dom na Šiji – Homely Hospitality and Hiking at the Scouts’ Hut on Šija –

Visit Tržič and Košuta – A Hike Along the Ridge of Slovenia’s Longest Mountain –

Gorenjska Plaža and Firbc’ okn – Fab Fun and Food at the Gorenjska ‘Beach’ –

MINFOS and the St. Anne Mine –

The Born Trail from Ljubelj to Preval – Don’t Forget a Torch! –

The Poignant Past and Delicious Present in Tržič: Mauthausen and Gostišče Karavla –

The Three Bells Trail –

A World of Winter Sports: Ljubelj and Zelenica –

(Re)Discover Tržič with Adele in Slovenia! –

The Hidden Treasures of Tržič – Gutenberg Castle –