Beautiful Blooms and Dinosaurs!

For a very much needed break from working at the computer, I paid a visit last week to Volčji potok Arboretum. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Radovjlica to the Arboretum, which is just on the outskirts of the town of Kamnik. The Arboretum is always a beautiful and serene place to while away a few hours and its even more beautiful, even if slightly less serene, at this time of year with the annual Tulip Exhibition which features literally thousands of tulips in bloom of every shade imaginable.

CIMG8626Additionally, during the past week when I visited it was hosting the annual Spring Horticultural Fair which attracts exhibitors and visitors from far and wide. There were some pretty imaginative and impressive floral displays, as well as all manner of garden and home products and local handicrafts for sale.

CIMG8598          CIMG8599

I particularly liked these Jumbo Insect Hotels – designed for bees and other insects which, thanks to the benefits they provide us, deserve a bit of pampering too!

CIMG8602         CIMG8603

The Arboretum is spread over a 80 hectare area and includes areas such as a traditional English Garden,  French Park, several lakes, greenhouses containing exhibitions of cactus and orchids, a gallery, café, children’s playground, and also currently the Dinosaur Exhibition with (almost) life size dinosaurs with some moving parts which are spread across various parts of the park and are a great draw for kids. In fact, if you its a great place for kids to run around and let off steam and there’s plenty to occupy them so its really ideal for all the family. There’s more information about the Arboretum here –


I will, when I get round to it, put some more photos on Pinterest – sorry I’m lagging a bit behind on that front as I still have the Chocolate Festival ones to upload too. But I’ll get there. It’s on the ‘To Do’ list!

There were 3 public holidays in the past week –  they’re like buses which all come along at once!

27th April – Day of Uprising against Occupation

1st & 2nd May – May Day Holidays

Its a while to wait now until the next public holiday, though not too long, as Statehood Day is on 25th June.

The next big event in Radovljica’s event calendar is the International Ceramics Festival. There will be various workshops and events taking place from 11th – 29th May whilst the main Ceramic’s Market Day is on Saturday 30th May which features an International Ceramics Fair, workshops for children, live music and other entertainment. More information can be found here –

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