A Slovenian Winter’s Tale!

Regular readers and followers of my blog will know that I have been faithfully posting blogs on a weekly basis for around 5 years now.

And now, all of a sudden, it seems to have gone a bit quiet on the Adele in Slovenia front! So this short blog is by way of an explanation to those concerned and loyal readers and followers out there, some of whom, from as far afield as the USA and New Zealand, have even been kind and concerned enough to contact me to inquire about my well-being due to my going AWOL – thank you, sincerely!

The main culprit, in addition to my crazy workload, has been the – for me at least – long, seemingly never-ending, harsh and difficult winter this year, which hasn’t been conducive to much in the way of outdoor activities worthy of blogging – other than those about which I have frequently written previously.

So, my Slovenia Winter’s Tale…. It began with early snow in last November, there was a respite in the second-half of December and first half of January, then February saw 18 days out of 28 of snow, March brought a week of extreme polar-like temperatures, followed by a week of rain, followed by more snow! And that brings us almost to April, and it’s still cold out there! We are being promised warmer temperatures for Easter, hmm……!

Rest assured, however, I haven’t turned into a couch potato, god forbid, I’ve still been out there, gritting my teeth and bearing the winter, since this year there has been little choice. So I thought I’d briefly share with you a few photos of my hike last weekend up to the Komna plateau and onwards toward the Bogatin hut (not open!), above Bohinj lake. Omg, there is a LOT of snow up there – around 3.5 metres!

Although I would still rather it was all lush and green, I have to admit, it was fairytale like and I was lucky enough to catch a few hours sun before it clouded over in the afternoon. The early bird and all that…

No doubt you are thinking ‘What is she moaning about, it looks gorgeous!’. Well, yes, it does, but, believe me, after months and months of it, the novelty soon wears off!

Anyway, according to the calendar at least, spring is here, and this morning I saw these little beauties in the forest as proof!

I would also like to mention here, for those of you planning hiking trips in Slovenia this year, that currently there is double the average amount of snow in the high mountains, so please do take this into consideration, as it will be well into early summer before many places are snow-free.

So, dear Adele in Slovenia readers and followers, you can expect more from me during the course of the year, I promise, providing the weather plays ball and providing I can get away from my computer and from translating, which is, after all, what pays the bills!

© Adele in Slovenia


5 thoughts on “A Slovenian Winter’s Tale!

  1. Adele,

    Greetings from America! And thanks for this post. One of the best. Such beautiful photos and a bird’s eye view of the snowy winter you have survived.

    I shared the pictures with my 95 year old Slovenian father, and he really enjoyed them.

    Best regards,

    Bill Petrovic

    On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 9:38 AM, Adele in Slovenia wrote:

    > adeleinslovenia posted: “Regular readers and followers of my blog will > know that I have been faithfully posting blogs on a weekly basis for around > 5 years now. And now, all of a sudden, it seems to have gone a bit quiet on > the Adele in Slovenia front! So this short blog is by ” >

  2. Haha, much fun reading this. Also, imagine me being more and more pregnant with all this stupid weather! I was going crazy. Well, now I going crazy with no sleep. 🙂 Classics for new parents but we’ll manage. After all, our daughter is only a week old and it takes a bit more time to adjust. Here’s to spring weather! Iva

    Iva Gruden

    LjubljanaNjam food & drink walks founder & manager +386 41 878 959

    • Omg, didn’t even know you were pregnant! Is it really that long since we’ve seen each other? Doesn’t time fly! Congratulations and all that, great news! Well, in your line of work, you are certainly used to long hours and not much sleep, so that’s nothing new for you, haha! Here’s to spring weather, indeed!

  3. Five years of disciplined regular posting. I know how much time and energy that requires. Methinks you earned that break! Hopefully you feel recharged for another go. Best wishes.

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