Best Autumn Hikes in Bohinj

Though summer will always be my favourite time of the year in Slovenia, autumn comes a close second, particularly when it comes to my favourite pastime – hiking. Though I have titled this blog ‘Best Autumn Hikes in Bohinj‘ in truth it’s almost impossible to pick the ‘best’ hikes in an area with so much natural beauty and so many amazing hiking trails. So, below are just a few of my favourite autumn hikes in Bohinj and Triglav National Park.

To the south of Lake Bohinj, the Lower Bohinj mountain range offers wonderful hikes to suit all; shorter linear walks, longer circular walks or hut-to-hut hikes. As the days shorten in autumn, you can also make great use of the Vogel gondola to take you up or down – I prefer the latter, though I’m guessing I’m in the minority when it comes to that!

I love walking along the ridge, or part of it, that runs between Črna Prst, above Bohinjska Bistrica, to Rodica and onwards to the peak of Šija and down the ski slopes to the Vogel ski resort. Below are some of the highlights of my recent hike through the Bareča dolina valley towards Rodica.

The path starts off gently through the forest…

…before reaching the largely abandoned but nevertheless beautiful Suha mountain pasture.

From here its onwards and upwards to the Čez Suho saddle, where, on a fine day, you are richly rewarded with views as far as the eye can see of the surrounding peaks of the Julian Alps and, to the south, towards Slovenia’s Primorska region. You can also see the path(s) ahead and then take your choice. Turn left for Rodica or right towards Vogel.

On reaching the saddle beneath Šija, it’s just a short 15 minutes to the top, before heading down the ski slopes to the heart of the Vogel ski resort. The paths are well marked throughout.

On the way back, I met some very friendly sheep…

And stopped to ring the wishing bell!

.before reaching Vogel, which is, indeed, ‘Like a fairytale’!

In autumn the hugely popular 7 Triglav Lakes Valley is far less crowded so you can enjoy the best of the valley whilst, at times, even feeling like you have it all to yourself!

Without doubt one of my favourite autumn hikes is to Pršivec, a viewpoint on the north side of Lake Bohinj, where in autumn the colours of the surrounding larch trees, combined with the stunning views of the lake and the surrounding peaks, is truly magnificent.

There is often fog lingering above the lake in autumn, and on reaching the viewpoint at Vogar, you get that smug feeling of being, almost, on top of the world!

Lake Bohinj is at its most spectacular when viewed from Pršivec. It almost seems heart-shaped, well, it certainly captures the heart of all who see it!

I hope this has provided at least a few ideas for autumn hikes in Bohinj; there are countless others, too. So, what are you waiting for, it’s all there, ready for the taking – or rather the hiking! Click here for more about what else to do and do in autumn in Bohinj and here for advice on hiking in Bohinj in autumn.

© Adele in Slovenia

4 thoughts on “Best Autumn Hikes in Bohinj

  1. Hi Adele, I am planning a trip for the first week of Nov and will have 1-2 days to hike in Slovenia. I know this is very late in the season, but I was wondering if you could prescribe a potential hike for me. I do like the big summit mountain views, but understand they might be snow covered at this time. Any hikes you can think of that will still likely be safe that time of year?

    • Hi Jackie, at the moment you could do any of the walks I have mentioned in this blog. We are currently having a nice, mild and sunny autumn spell, which is due to last at least for the next few days, but what follows thereafter is impossible to tell. It could suddenly turn cold and we could possibly get some early snow, as we did last year, but this year the weather hasn’t been following any of the ‘normal’ season patterns. I suggest waiting until a couple of days beforehand and checking the conditions before deciding. Feel free to check in with me again nearer the time. Regards, Adele

  2. Hi. Cannot believe I have only just discovered your blog!

    Having walked extensively in Austria and Slovenia Bohinj remains the most special place to me of all. Too many favourite walks to list but Ribcev Laz/Stara Fuzina to Rudnica is a ‘must’ for the start and/or culmination of my visits. Seeing the Adriatic from near Rodica is an obvious highlight, as is the Voje Valley. I find it a bit of a slog through the forest to Vogar from Stara Fuzina, but the end more than justifies the means.

    Thanks for such a comprehensive and knowledgeable blog; you are certainly in the best location to write on Gorenjska with such authority.


    • Thanks for the feedback Charlie! I’m pleased to hear that you have (at long last!) discovered my blog and hope it continues to provide you with plenty of inspiration for your visits and hikes. Regards, Adele

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