Kamnek – A Top Tržič Trail!

If you are looking for a short, yet incredibly scenic, hike in the Tržič area, then Kamnek is the choice for you!

The trail starts right in the old town centre, near St. Andrew’s church and the pizzeria, from where you already get your first glimpse down over the town and its red roofs towards the lush mountains that form its backdrop.

There are numerous trails that lead up to Kamnek, some of which are marked with the usual red and white circle, while others aren’t. So, in true ‘All roads lead to Rome’ fashion, just pick one and start hiking and you’ll reach the top, even though, like us, it might take slightly longer than the advertised 45 minutes.

Let’s just say we took the ‘scenic route’, in the most literal sense of the word, but, in fact, for me it was the better choice, since my ongoing vestibular problem means that steep paths with cables and drops either side are not an option for me right now. For those of you who enjoy such challenges, Kamnek caters for you too, so just take the path directly upwards, steeply and slightly to the right, rather than taking any of the paths off to the side.

You gain height quickly, and the views begin even before reaching the top.

Though a modest 873 metres in height, one feels much higher when you emerge out of the forest at the top of Kamnek, and the views are certainly worthy of much higher summits, which makes it all the more rewarding.

There is a bench where you can sit and soak up the views of the old town to one side, and mighty Mt. Storžič to the other.

If you want to extend your hike a little further, you could continue to the top of Pirman, though, to be honest, the views from Kamnek are so great, you’re probably better off lingering there, as Pirman is rather overgrown.

As previously mentioned, there are numerous trails so you can take a different one down and make a circular route, or just return the same way.

So, if you love hiking and fab scenery, be sure to add Kamnek to your list of places to visit in the Tržič area – you won’t regret it!

Click here for more information about this and other hiking trails in the Tržič area.

© Adele in Slovenia

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