Hike and Dine on Dobrča!

The ‘green’ and relatively dry winter continues (though as I write, snow is forecast this Wednesday – yikes!), so, even if the weather is slightly cloudy as it was for our hike, you can enjoy a great hike to Dobrča to enjoy the views, the spring (in winter!) flowers, and the great food at the mountain hut!

I was surprised when I first discovered that Dobrča is actually part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, not the Karavanke mountains as its position leads one to believe. Dobrča stands in a prominent position between Begunje na Gorenjskem and Tržič and can be reached on marked paths from numerous directions, among them those from Slatna (from the Begunje side), and Brezje pri Tržiču, Hudi Graben, and Srednja vas (from the Tržič side).

We were accompanied by spring flowers most of the way, which, in winter really bring a smile to the face!

Depending on which path you take, it takes around 1.5-2.5 hours to hike up steeply through the forest to reach the Koča na Dobrči mountain hut (1,478m).

However, my advice is not to stop there (yet!) but rather to continue to the top (look for the signs that say ‘Vrh’), which takes around 30 minutes from the hut.

However, at the top itself, 1,634m, the views are fairly obscured, so, don’t stop there either (yet!)… having made it that far you simply must continue another 5 minutes or so to the Šentanski vrh viewpoint…

…where you are richly rewarded (even on a slightly cloudy day!) with views to the east of Tržič and the surrounding settlements, as well as the surrounding peaks of Storžič, Kriška gora, and the longest mountain in Slovenia, Košuta, in the background!

Then, having built up an appetite and as a ‘reward’ for your efforts, head (back) to the mountain hut for some sustenance! There’s plenty on offer including various soups, stews and sausages and, for the sweeth-toothed, štruklji, pancakes and strudel.

No photo description available.

From the hut there are views of the snow-capped Julian Alps to the west, and towards the Ljubljana basin and, on a clear day, beyond, to the east.

This is just one of many great mountain hikes in the Tržič area, many of which I have already blogged about and some that I still have in store for this year!

© Adele in Slovenia

5 thoughts on “Hike and Dine on Dobrča!

  1. Draga Adele:

    We’ve waited 8 years for the chance to re-visit Slovenia, and now the seemingly relentless spread of Corona Virus must out that in doubt. Midva uporabljava ! Fingers crossed

    Dot and John Baines, New Forest, aka ‘turnerbridge’

  2. Well I’m sure you were really impressed with that. I’ve used the wrong verb at the first attempt! I’ve used uporabljati instead of upati.

    Good start, it can only get better

    John Baines – turnerbridge

  3. Hi Dot and John, I see your Slovene is coming alone just fine! Yes, coronavirus is getting ever closer, new cases are being diagnosed by the day in Italy, and just today there have been cases announced in Croatia and Austria, so all (bar Hungary) of Slovenia’s border countries are now affected, I guess it’s just a matter of time until it gets over the border. So worrying in some ways but in other ways there’s bugger all any of us can do so best to just get on with life I suppose. But, yes, it could begin to have a knock-on effect on travel soon, which will be a shame for you and others – my parents are due over soon too. Will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you manage to get back here after 8 years! Regards, Adele

  4. I know Slovenia typically gets a lot of snow or virtually none but I am nevertheless shocked by the lack of snow in your pictures, even on the peaks in the distance.

    It is therefore with some surprise that the Bohinj 2864 project has once more reared its head, at the former Kobla ski resort above Bohinjska Bistrica. Building, or resurrecting, ski areas at such low altitudes amounts to financial suicide, unless the lifts can make enough money during the summer season to offset the inevitable losses during the winters increasingly affected by Climate Change.

    Even Vogel, about as snow sure as it gets aside from Bovec-Kanin, looks from the webcam pics to be in a bad way. New approaches have to adopted for ‘green winters’ by those so reliant on winter trade. Regards.

  5. Hi Charlie, what a difference a week makes! There is now a lot of snow in the mountains, unfortunately for me but fortunately for the ski resorts, of course. I think people will perhaps just have to get used to the ski season coming at a different time. They are used to it being Dec/Jan/Feb, but perhaps March/April will become the new ‘norm’ with the seasons changing as they are.

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