Birthdays in Slovenia

On the whole, birthday celebrations in Slovenia at not dissimilar to the birthday celebrations I was used to in the UK, and probably those in countless other countries. The birthday girl/boy might celebrate with friends and/or family, invite people round or go out for a drink and/or a meal and those with birthdays in the summer often have a picnic or barbeque.

However, the one big difference, and one which I’m still at odds with, even after having now celebrated 10 birthdays since moving to Slovenia, is that the one whose birthday it is has to arrange AND pay for whatever the celebration is! Now, this isn’t by any means a question or money, it’s just, for me at least, the principle that it should be the one day in the year that the birthday girl/boy is made to feel special and doesn’t have to run around preparing everything and paying for it too!

So, this year I was particularly delighted when a friend, who knows my feelings on this subject – and knowing I would otherwise be alone and would no doubt spend the day working, offered to organise my birthday celebration. We started with a lovely spread and a few sherries!


Followed by a delicious Hersheys chocolate cake – minus the Hersheys!


Later we drove to Kranj to watch our friend, Tanja Jamnik – President of the Musica Viva Choir, perform with the choir for their 70th anniversary concert. The hall was jam-packed, with standing room only at the back and it was lovely to see such appreciation of good music and recognition of the choir’s significant achievements throughout the years.


Musica Viva, which currently comprises 37 singers, has performed as far afield as Argentina and the USA, as well as scores of concerts in Europe, and has won a host of awards. More information here –


As someone who has moved over 30 times, from country to country and home to home, it has always been difficult to make, and maintain real friends. Having finally found my ‘home’ in Slovenia I have really learnt to appreciate such occasions, so, thank you Neda, Emilija, Jana, Tanja and Anja for a lovely evening. Perhaps the idea of making the birthday girl/boy feel special might even catch on!!!

This coming weekend Market Day, the main event of this year’s International Ceramics Festival in Radovljica, will take place on Saturday 28th May from 10am – 7pm. More than 20 ceramists will be exhibiting and selling their works in Radovljica’s historic old town centre.

Ceramics Festival2 2016

More information here –

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A Feast of Festivals in Radovljica

Linhart Square, named after the Slovenian playwright and historian Anton Tomaž Linhart, is the hub of Radovljica’s cultural scene. A whole host of events take place in the square throughout the year, including:

  • The annual Chocolate Festival – April
  • The International Ceramics Festival – May
  • Summer Music Evenings – June & July
  • The Early Music Festival – August
  • Medieval Days – August
  • Advent Market – December

Radovljica SLO 2011

The Baroque Radovljica Mansion hosts concerts all year round, featuring national and international choirs, bands, and the very popular annual Early Music Festival, as well as being home to the Museum of Apiculture and the Municipal Museum.

Radovljica SLO 2011

Šivec Houseivčeva hisa) stands out amongst the town houses and is regarded as one of the finest examples of medieval burgher architecture in the whole of Slovenia. The façade of the house is dominated by a 17th century fresco depicting the Creation of Eve.

Radovljica SLO 2011

Šivec House is a bourgeois house from the middle of the 16th century of late Gothic architecture. After restoration in 1976 all of the houses’s original beauty was uncovered including the façade as well as the interior with a collonaded entrance hall, kitchen and granary, and, on the first floor, a representation of living quarters. Nowadays, this room, with its extraordinary ambiance, serves as a wedding hall, and the collonaded entrance hall houses as an art gallery.

The gallery on the ground floor hosts rotating exhibitions (on average 10 per year), whilst the upper floor houses a permanent collection of original illustrations and another room is used as a venue for civil wedding ceremonies.

Sivceva hisa

The next new exhibition, Modern German Ceramics, will open on 29th April, with the opening ceremony at 7pm, and run until 29th May.


More details about Radovljica’s museums and the Šivec House Gallery, including opening times and admission prices, can be found here – and more about Radovljica here –

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