To Jamnik and Beyond!

As you might have noticed, there are many hilltop churches in Slovenia. When visiting the Gorenjska region in the northwest of Slovenia one of the most prominent is the Church of St. Primus and Felician, which stands proudly atop a hill, beneath the slopes of the Jelovica plateau, and can be seen from far and wide.


The church is located in Jamnik, a small settlement above the traditional iron-forging village of Kropa. It’s a great place to go for stunning panoramics views; the wide Radovljica plains and the Karavanke mountains to the north and the Škofja Loka hills and beyond to the south.

You can reach Jamnik by several means. My favourite, in the summer at least, and as I did this Sunday, is to go by bike. The effort put in on the 5km windy road leading up from Kropa is more than rewarded by the views. Jamnik and Kropa can be destinations in themselves, or you can continue onwards and visit other areas and sights of interest including Dražgose, Škofja Loka and Železniki.

You can also reach Jamnik on foot through the forest from Kropa (cca 1 hour), or by car. To reach the church take the path from the layby at Jamnik and just follow your nose – you can’t miss it!


The small settlement of Jamnik is nestled snuggly into the slopes beneath the Jelovica plateau.


Whilst there take some time to look around the quaint iron-forging village of Kropa where, amongst other things, you can wander around the village and see the impressive iron work that adorns many of the village houses, visit the Museum of Iron Forging, and enjoy a meal at the Pr’Kovaču restaurant.


However you choose to go, Kropa and Jamnik should be on your list of places to visit when in the Radol’ca area.

This Sunday, 31st July, its the annual Medieval Day in Linhart Square in Radovljica. There’s a medieval market, music, dance and other performances, archery, and more. Find out more here –

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6 thoughts on “To Jamnik and Beyond!

  1. Where do we park if we want to visit the Church In Jamnik? Is parking and driving there easy? Not confident with narrow roads as i am used to drive on the left side. Thanks

    • Hi Eddie, follow the road through the village of Kropa from where its a 5km windy road up to the top. The road was resurfaced last year and although it is windy, it isn’t difficult to drive at all and isn’t that narrow. Just take your time and enjoy the views. Once the road levels out at the top, continue for another kilometre or so and you will see a small parking area on the left-hand side and an information board. Park there and take the wooden steps down and then its only around 5mins to the church. Regards, Adele

      • Hi Miki, there is a very small parking area beside the road and from there a path leads down wooden steps to reach the path to the church. It’s not far at all but the steps down would be problematical for a wheelchair. There is a road that goes down into the hamlet but I’m not sure if you would find anywhere to park there so, again, it could be a problem. Sorry to not able to be of more help. Regards, Adele

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