Radol’ca Chocolate – Radovljica Just Got Even ‘Sweeter’!

Radovljica is even richer, and sweeter, thanks to a great new addition – the new Radol’ca Chocolate boutique chocolate shop!

But calling it just a ‘shop’ is doing it an injustice, since it’s so much more.

All the chocolates are handmade on site at this new family-run venture, which is the brainchild of the former director of the Radovljica Tourist Board, Nataša Mikelj, who, together with her husband and eldest daughter, have set up and opened a new chapter in their lives and that of Radovljica.

Since having introduced the very popular and successful Radovljica Chocolate Festival to the town’s annual events calendar several years ago, Nataša’s interest was sparked in where chocolate comes from, how it’s made, flavour combinations, etc.

For several years she had tried to find someone who would be interested in opening a chocolate shop in Radovljica, but there was little interest. It was during lockdown that Nataša had time to think long and hard about her life, career and future and had a lightbulb moment when she realised what her new calling could be in life – chocolate!

And the result of many months of research, hard graft and learning the tools and tricks of the trade is certainly paying off, since passing trade is brisk and orders are already pouring in for Christmas gifts, business gifts, etc.

The shop is located at the entrance to Radovljica’s old town centre. Inside you can get up close to watch the chocolates being made…

…learn about the ingredients…

… talk to the family…

…and try a sample before you buy!

It’s a tough place to be for a chocoholic like me!

In future, workshops, tasting sessions and other events are planned too.

A chocolate weekend is due to be held (providing further COVID restrictions aren’t introduced by then) on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th December. Click here to read more.

So, now you can take a piece of Radovljica (chocolate!) home as a treat for yourself or your loved ones – or both!

© Adele in Slovenia


2 thoughts on “Radol’ca Chocolate – Radovljica Just Got Even ‘Sweeter’!

  1. To pa ni za mene, bi vse pojedel preden bi prodal :)))
    Bili smo na Festivalu, in imam sliko od Daniela ko je sedel na Čokoladnem stolu.
    Tudi Yvonna je zelo vesela tvojih sporočil in slik iz Slovenije. Danijel in Bernardette z
    tremi otroki so v Brisbane midva pa v Adelaide. Tako daleč narazen, žalostno.

    Tebi pa najlepša hvala za vse in srečno.
    Štefan Šmon

    • Lepo je slisati od vaju! Sem tudi cokoholik tako da jaz bi tudi vse pojedla, ce bi le imela moznost 🙂
      Ja, razumem, da je tezko biti v isti drzavi ampak tako dalec narazen, cisto drugace kot tu v majhni Sloveniji, kje nikoli ni treba voziti vec kot 2 uri, da prides na drugo stran drzave. Upam, da vsaj se boste kaj dobili med prazniki.
      Hvala za lepe zelje in tudi tebi in celi druzini zelim sreco in srecno 🙂

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