Camping or Glamping – Take Your Pick in Radol’ca!

In addition to being home to one of the most beautiful and popular campsites in the whole country, Camping Šobec in Lesce, there is a wide range of camping and glamping facilities in the Radol’ca area, with more springing up by the year – just as well considering that these days, camping, and particularly glamping, is all the rage!

The forested Camping Šobec is situated next to the Sava river – Slovenia’s longest river – and features a natural lake, ideal for a refreshing dip on a hot summer’s day. During summer, day visitors to the camp can also use the facilities and swim in the lake (entrance fee payable during the peak tourist season).

If I didn’t live so close, I’d stay there myself as I love the place!

There are 400 camping spots available, as well as 10 timber chalets.

The newly-opened building combining a restaurant and supermarket is a great addition.

The camp also features mini-golf, tennis, Thai massage, children’s play areas, water games and more. Even when full, which it usually always is during summer, Camping Šobec offers a tranquil break in nature. There are also numerous walking and hiking trails accessible directly from the camp, including to Talež and along the Sava River Trail.

Fans of glamping are catered for at Pr’Matic in Kamna Gorica, where wooden cabins are situated on a peaceful, green meadow, and there is an outbuilding containing a shared bathroom, kitchen and dining area. There are currently three cabins, but I noticed earlier this week when I went for a stroll, a further two are being constructed and look near ready.

Camping Radovljica is located next to Radovljica’s olympic-size swimming pool and offers 80 camping spots. A big added bonus is free entrance to the swimming pool for those staying at the camp.

The Hribar Tourist Farm on the outskirts of Brezje features apartments, shared dormitories and a small camp site for those looking for a more ’boutique’, albeit basic, camping experience away from the crowds.

Click here for more information about the above and the full range of other accommodation – hotels, guest houses, tourist farms, private rooms, bed and breakfasts – available in the Radol’ca area.

But, as they say, ‘Don’t delay, book today!’ because, believe me, last year during the height of summer there was barely a room, a bed or a camping spot to be had in the area!

© Adele in Slovenia


3 thoughts on “Camping or Glamping – Take Your Pick in Radol’ca!

  1. Hello Adele – I loved your camping piece! I sent it to my kids in Canada to show them what camping is like in Slovenian!

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  2. Thanks so much for these. Informative. I am thinking of hiking and pedaling as much as my body will allow (in this more rugged environment…though I ride 40-50 miles/week now on flatter terrain and nordic ski and walk all winter) and falling into a nice bed to recover as required. When I make the journey, a mix of quiet woodsy camp nights (dark skies and stars required!) with B&B or farm accommodations to meet real people….with maybe an upscale boutique inn/hotel in LJU for however long it suits me. I do love the city thing for short bursts. Get in-enjoy-get out. I was curious about the styles of camping there and I can see now that it appears to run the gamut much like here in the states.

    Camping Šobec is the only one here with appeal to me. It is a tad pricey compared to my home area for something comparable……more like what I would pay in one of our national parks. But that’s okay. The exchange rate remains good. It is still far less than a hotel and the experience is worth it. Your links allowed me to investigate costs and now I can start to budget realistically. Thanks for that!

    P.S. Those little cabins are pretty cute too. But not appealing as shown. Now……if they could just drop those in the forest about a shout apart with a stack of wood for winter skiing and snowshoeing……that would be fun!


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